Grab and tipper hire- Will the truck fit?

Our team will always work with you on a project to help you minimise time and costs. 

 We will offer advice when asked, suggest alternative materials and offer varied delivery methods to enable your time to be spent on the project.  Moreover our team of professional trained drivers will do their best to tip or grab in the most suitable place. 

 Sometimes...the truck is just too wide,too high,too long or too heavy. 

The driver will try but he can't shrink the truck so after numerous requests please check below the sizes of the trucks.

  6 Wheeler 8 Wheeler
 Overall Width (Inc Mirrors) 3200mm 3200mm
 Overall Width (exc Mirrors) 2600mm (8.7)ft 2600mm
 Load Capacity-dependant on material 12m3 14m3
 Load Capacity-variable grab lorry 12.5 tonnes 20tonnes
 Load capacity -variable tipper lorry 17 tonnes 20.5 tonnes
 GVW (Tonnes) 26 tonnes 32 tonnes
 Reach (grab) 5m