Cattle bedding

The material supplied for your cows provide:

  •  A  comfortable surface that reduces the spread of pathogens compared to other types of bedding.  This is due to it's inorganic nature.
  • It provides good traction, to reduce slips and falls and is cooler than alternative types of bedding media, including heat stress.
  • Clean sand with minimal clay content.

Research indicates that the softer the bed, the better as there is less chance of physical injury and damage to hock and knees," they said. "Cows are happier getting up and down on sand and there is benefit to feet as cows slip less."


Quarried and recycled aggregates for your farm tracks and shed bases.

 Meeting the requirements of the local  Environment agency and supplying  limestone or granite for non-lime areas, to protect nature & the water courses.

We also supply clay for river defenses and bungs.